Your Agency of Professional Translators

Sale&Pepe is not just a regular translation agency , but a partner that offers professional translation services , specialized by sector which adds up with its interpretation services to be able to assist clients who are facing challenges with multi lingual communication , a complete and efficient solution.

More than just a translation agency , Sale&Pepe focuses on the client’s needs , it is the provider of competent and concrete services to whom one can rely on , to be able to cross the language barrier in relation to Italian – English and vice versa .

We specialized in providing assistance of language services (translation , interpretation , consultation) and in complementary services of a high value .


Sale&Pepe manages the provision of translation services using the collaboration of native language professionals specializing in the field with experience , professionalism and translating exclusively into their mother tongue.Read More


Sale & Pepe provides interpreting services using the collaboration of experienced professionals who, alongside an extensive knowledge of the language, possess a specific knowledge of the two cultures in which they operate, intellectual curiosity and empathy.Read More



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